The Institutional Platform for Global Digital Finance.

Driving digital asset derivative markets and revolutionizing asset transfer, payment and settlement for banks, custodians and corporate clients.

Reimagining Finance

trueDigital is a global provider of institutional-grade financial infrastructure and products. We are building the next generation digital asset ecosystem that reduces risk and provides capital optimization.


This full-service ecosystem is comprised of a regulated digital asset marketplace, low-risk settlement and real time payments platform.

Payments & Transfers

An independent global, real time, cross-border asset transfer and payment platform providing the ability to transact 24x7x365.

  • Drives high quality deposits and inter-network efficiencies to partner banks

  • Provides safe, secure and reliable solution for cash management and FX optimization


Enhance efficiencies and reduce risk through a multi-tenant and asset settlement platform supporting a range of digitized and natively digital asset settlement through a single portal.

  • Real Time Gross Settlement – settling each transaction as it completes – reducing settlement risk

  • Herstatt risk reduction through revolutionary on-chain Delivery versus Payment and Payment versus Payment technology


The first exchange that will bring traders a range of differentiated institutional digital asset derivative products and trading workflows through the same safe and secure low-latency exchange.

  • The first Deliverable Swap contract approved by the CFTC on XBT/USD

  • IOSCO compliant OTC reference rates in partnership with 12 OTC Market Makers



trueDigital’s team of entrepreneurs, engineers and finance veterans is at the forefront of innovation in the industry, hailing from firms such as Bridgewater, Goldman Sachs, FXall, Tradeweb, Virtu, Instinet and ICE. They have a proven record of disrupting incumbents and creating significant value in the fintech and blockchain space.

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